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Ronald Reagan Parkway Information

Recent News (updated November 2012)

  • Work continues on finishing the paving from US 36 to 200 South. It may be completed by the end of November. The contractor needs a few days of temperatures above 45 degrees to put down asphalt between US 36 and 100 South. The Town has partnered with Hendricks County to install a traffic signal at the 100 South intersection of the Parkway. It should be completed by the end of November and Plainfield is installing a traffic signal at the 200 South intersection.


News Archive

  • Construction has begun on the section of the road from 100 South to Rockville Road. The targeted completion date is September 2012. Until the piece running south from 100S towards Plainfield connects, the section by Sunchase will have one lane heading south from Rockville Road and two lanes heading north from 100s towards Rockville Road. Traffic will be monitored and a traffic signal will be added if it is warranted. They hope to build a trail (possibly paved) but there are currently no plans for this. Hendricks County and the Town of Avon would both like to see a trail. There are plans for mounds to be built to block the noise and they will have 3-5 foot tall trees on them. (More details to follow on the kinds of trees to be planted) The team's next challenge will be to provide input as to the kind or size of trees to be planted and how closely they are planted together.

  • More news items to be added to the website when they become available to us. Thanks!
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